Nov 19, 2017 • 9:30 am

Corning Logan Room (fifth floor)

Caring for Loved Ones and Neighbors with Mild Cognitive Impairment

Associate Pastor Kate Dunn convenes A Circle of Caregiving, a monthly discussion group that explores the techniques of pastoral care and the variety of needs—mental health issues, end-of-life decisions, spiritual concerns and more—that arise in a community of faith. 

A Circle of Caregiving also provides opportunities for participants to provide pastoral care to FAPC members and friends on call. Read more about this ministry here.

About this month's meeting: Many older adults face mild cognitive impairments (onset of memory loss, disorientation, etc.) that can hinder their independence and that of their caregivers. This is an area of care that typically precedes advanced dementias and Alzheimer’s Disease. Addressing these issues this morning are Susan Siroto, program director, and Elizabeth Parlakian, cognitive specialist, with Search and Care (an FAPC mission partner). They will discuss the various types of cognitive impairments and how to support neighbors and loved ones facing these challenges. Search and Care provides social services to some 1,000 elderly residents in New York City.

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