Because it is difficult to plan or act wisely in a time of grief, we encourage our members to make calm appraisal of their intents and desires concerning an end-of-life service and final resting place before death is imminent.

Our pastors are available to discuss your wishes and help with planning. We are happy to keep a record of your preferences, as well as any other documents related to end-of-life planning. For more information, and an end-of-life planning form, download "Witness to the Resurrection: Planning a Funeral, Memorial Service or Committal Service." This document also contains suggested Scripture and music for end-of-life services.

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church provides funerals, memorial and committal services for members, immediate family and friends of our faith community. These services praise God for the gift of life, witness to our trust in eternal life in Jesus Christ, remember and celebrate the life of the departed, and minister to the bereaved.

Please notify the Office of Pastoral Care and Outreach as soon as possible so that we can schedule a day, time and place for the service (whether at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, a funeral home or cemetery). Contact Amy Cheresnowski at [email protected].

For Christians, there is a powerful connection between where the Spirit nests and where our 
souls are laid to rest. We are now able to provide just such a space—here, within the walls of
our beloved church.

I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and it remained on him. –John 1:32

The Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church Columbarium offers a sacred place to memorialize the departed and to house their ashes following cremation (their “cremains”).

Located on the ground floor of the church house, the Columbarium is adjacent to the Bryant M. Kirkland Chapel, in the space that served for more than 90 years as the Ladies’ Chapel.

The Columbarium is designed to accommodate a service of committal, led by a pastor of the church, for family and friends of the deceased. It is also a place of repose, open to all who seek a quiet spot for prayer or meditation.

Architect: Eric K. Daniels Architect, PC, New York City

Contractor: Interboro Property Management Corp., Brooklyn

Fabricator: Armento Incorporated, Buffalo, New York

Columbarium Task Force: Annie Cheng, Dale Hansen, Jane Henn, Jeanne Pape (chair)