Membership means more than coming to worship on Sunday. Membership says, "I belong."

Members Make a Difference

Membership means getting more deeply engaged with the diverse ministries of the church and more deeply rooted in a life of faith. Members have a voice in choosing the leaders of the congregation and setting the direction of the church. Members pledge their support to the future of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church by giving of their time, talent and resources.

We encourage you to view the video above to hear what some of our members have to say about the rewards of membership at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church.

How to Join

Prospective members come from many different backgrounds. Some are lifelong Presbyterians. Others are new to the Reformed tradition. Still others are new to Christianity (and faith) altogether. Our new members classes are designed to meet you wherever you are in your spiritual journey.

We invite you to learn more about what it means to be a member of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church during our upcoming Believing and Belonging membership seminars. Becoming a member of this church means taking the time to ask what it is to believe as a person of faith in the heart of New York City. It means leaning into the reality of church, exploring what it is to belong in a congregation where we truly do not all look or think alike.

We offer three seminars for prospective members:

  • The Christian Church: A discussion of the tenets of Christianity for those both new and old to the faith. This class will next be offered at 12:30 pm Sunday, Jan. 20.
  • The Presbyterian Church: A look at what makes the Presbyterian tradition unique and the future of this denomination. Offered at 9:30 am Sunday, Jan. 27.
  • Our Church: An exploration of what it means to believe and belong at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. Offered at 9 am Sunday, Feb. 3

You may take one, two or all three of these classes as you prepare for membership. Once you decide to move forward with membership, we will treat you to a special breakfast, introduce you to members of the Session, and welcome you during worship as a fully fledged member of the congregation.

To register for any of our new members classes, please contact Morgan King ([email protected], 212.247.0490 ext 3005).

Want to Talk?

Joining a church is a big step in your personal journey of faith. If you are not ready to sign up for a class, let's have a conversation first. Contact Morgan King ([email protected], 212.247.0490 ext 3005) to schedule time to speak with one of our pastors. We look forward to meeting you!