Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received. (1 Peter 4:10)

The Session

The Rev. Dr. Scott Black Johnston, Moderator
Matt Roush, Clerk of Session
Greg Dow, Assistant Clerk of Session
The Rev. Dr. Charlene Han Powell, Executive Pastor 
The Rev. Kate Dunn, Associate Pastor
The Rev. Werner Ramirez, Associate Pastor

Class of 2019
Kirsten Aiello, Erin Collier, Constance Hubbard, Chaz Jackson, Jeanne Lehman
Reg McQuay, Harrison Picallo (Youth Elder), Matt Roush, Susan Steele, Amelia Vogler

Class of 2020
Brenda Berkman, Rusty Breedlove, Marilyn Dawson, David DePugh, Greg Dow
Josie Lawrence, Matt Martinez, Joanna McNurlen, Melanie Musgrove, Chris Robertson

Class of 2021
Jesse Allen, Amanda DeMeola, Meredith Fleck, Suzan Habachy, Jane Hong
Marc Lovci, Phillip Ma, Jeanne Pape, Cody Powers, Kalen Karnes Strickland

The Board of Deacons

Meg Sheehan, Moderator
Lori Lauman, Vice Moderator
Ashley Ramsden, Secretary
Gary McKoy, Treasurer 

Class of 2019
Evelyn Acosta, Fred Cannon, Maureen Daly, Helen Harris, Lori Lauman
Gary McKoy, Auguste Nipabi, Meghan Shea, Meg Sheehan, Julia Ward

Class of 2020
Mae Cheng-PaVon, Jeff Detweiler, Twalema Khonje, Taylor Lawson, Roseanne Lind
Robert Pay, Ashley Ramsden, Janeen Sarlin, Margie Wagers, Vijay Wijesundera, Sylvia Winrich

Class of 2021
Joel Arandia, Hannah Bell, Lisa Cinelli, Dora DePugh, Gretchen Grant, Norm Hirschy, Tabor Hollingsworth
Trevor Illingworth, Debbie Mullins, Rebecca Tarby, Christine Wojcik, Mark Zivkovic

The Board of Trustees

Kenneth Henderson, President
David Roberson, Vice President
Alyce Andrews, Secretary
Glenn Hubbard, Treasurer
Bob Henn, Assistant Treasurer

Class of 2019
Alyce Andrews, Diane Chesnut, Kenneth Henderson, Bob Henn, Al Picallo, Alex Yanos

Class of 2020
Dennis Bushe, Lucy Cabrera, Glenn Hubbard, Tiffany Cochran O'Brien, Michael Peters, David Roberson

Class of 2021
Susan Callahan, Christopher Edwards, Charlotte Frankowski, Mary Jane Goode, Ted Peck, Philip Ryan

At the beginning of each year, the Nominating Committee of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church begins its search for new officers of the church by gathering recommendations from members, clergy and staff. At the congregation's Annual Meeting in the spring, the Nominating Committee presents a slate of candidates to serve three-year terms (or fill unexpired terms) on the Session, the Board of Deacons and the Board of Trustees. Candidates also are recommended to serve one-year terms as Members-at-Large on the Nominating Committee for the upcoming year.

Serving on a board or as a Member-at-Large is a significant commitment of time and talent—but it also allows individuals to move deeper into service and further along their faith journey, and creates stronger ties within our beloved community of believers. Candidates for office must be pledging members of the church who are willing and eager to serve. Officer responsibilities are described below.


Each year 10 new Elders are called to join the Session and the clergy to exercise leadership, government and discipline for the life of the church. With primary responsibility for nurturing and overseeing the spiritual and theological life of the congregation, the Session meets monthly during the program year. Each Elder serves on at least one committee, with periodic meetings and tasks. Elders participate in worship by collecting the offering and serving communion once a month.  


Twelve Deacons are called each year to join the Board of Deacons, serving as the primary assistants to the clergy and staff for pastoral care. Deacons meet monthly during the program year. Each Deacon participates on at least one committee that may schedule additional meetings during the year. Deacons participate in worship by collecting the offering and serving communion once a month, and serving as side-by-side with pastors following worship.  


Six new Trustees are called each year to assume responsibility for the financial and business affairs of the church and report to the Session. Trustees have joint responsibilities with the Session for the budget and personnel of the church. Each Trustee participates on at least one committee that meets periodically during the year. The number and timing of meetings may be tied to budget cycles, strategic planning goals and established timeframes.


Five Members-at-Large join representatives from the Session, Board of Deacons and Trustees on the Nominating Committee to select future candidates for church office. These members should be actively involved in church organizations, not currently serving as an officer, and noted for exercising good judgment. The Nominating Committee is active throughout the year, but does most of its work from November through February. 

Officer Recommendation

Please complete and submit this form for each individual you would like to recommend as an officer of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. You may recommend yourself or others, but all nominees must be members of the church. Recommendations are accepted throughout the year. All recommendations received by Dec. 11 are reviewed by the Nominating Committee in January. The Nominating Committee submits a slate of candidates for election at the annual Congregational Meeting in March.

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