A Message from Our Pledge Campaign Co-chairs

On Sunday, Oct. 21, Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church launched the 2019 Pledge Campaign. The campaign continues through Sunday, Nov. 18. Campaign co-chairs Porter Binks and Jes Levine have a few things for you to think about as the campaign gets underway.

From Jes

As Porter and I sat down to talk about the theme for this year’s campaign, we took inspiration from the Fall Sermon Series, which is using active verbs in all of its sermon titles. "God Promises," "Abraham Sacrifices," "Rebekah Rises," and so on. We have chosen the theme "FAPC Gives." 

It’s that simple. It’s that straightforward. This congregation is an “active verb” community, applying our resources and our energies to bring God’s kingdom to Earth.  

Jes and PorterWe love that this theme links the fall fundraising campaign to our community-wide Outreach event in the spring, "FAPC Serves," and we believe one of the many ways this congregation is so special is that it is filled with people actively doing good church.

For the next five weeks you’ll be hearing more from us and from other members of our congregation about the many ways that FAPC Gives. We encourage you throughout this campaign to think about what you can give—not just on a weekly basis, by putting something in the offering plate, but the commitment you can make to the larger mission of this church for the coming year.  

Each of you is an important part of the cycle of giving that is the lifeblood of this church. And one really key way we put our faith into action is to fund our annual budget. It takes everyone, every single one of us working together to make this commitment to each other and to our neighbors about the kind of impact we will have in the year ahead.

From Porter

If you are not a regular pledger, or have never pledged, I encourage you to think about making this the year you do.

For a while, I was one of those non-pledgers who thought dropping some money in the offering plate would be enough. I’m sure it helped. Then I became an officer, and I saw first-hand how this church uses its resources to change so many lives daily.

Being a freelance photographer, one of my greatest fears about pledging was that I might not be able to meet my commitment. And in this gig economy that so many of us work in, I sometimes wonder when the next gig is coming. But I’ve been blessed, and I’ve met all of my yearly pledges.

So my message to you is this: Pledge. Estimate what you think you can do. And put the rest in God’s hands.

When you’re ready, fill out your pledge card or pledge online. I’m thrilled to say that 100% of our officers have already submitted their pledges for next year.

We are so thankful for the many ways all of you are already contributing, and we ask you to prayerfully consider what you are able to give next year. 

Thank you!

Porter Binks has been a member of Fifth Avenue since 2010 and has served as an Elder. He is active with the Arts & Our Faith Committee and the LGBTQ community group, The Word Is Out. Jes Levine joined the church in 2011, has also served as an Elder and is also a member of the Arts & Our Faith Committee. She is also active with the 20s+30s group and Theatre Fellowship.

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