All People Are Deeply Loved

What do we know about faith?

Humans were made special in the image of God. God saves each in every day through love, by doing the littlest things. Jesus saves us, and we need saving from our sins, or else we would have no hope. As Jesus said, “Come and follow me.” This means that you should follow Jesus, and he will guide you somewhere good.— Ross Gramley

I believe that the Father, God, answers our prayers. Jesus, his son, was sent down to earth from God to teach the beliefs and ways of God and to assure people they are not alone. The Holy Spirit is a spirit that guides and helps us from the inside. It is the voice and whisper of God within.— Ingrid Larsen

I believe the Trinity is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The father is God, the creator. The Son is Jesus, the savior. I feel protected by Jesus, who died on the cross to save us. The Holy Spirit is the sustainer who guides us in life and clears the path for us.— Salome Noufele

I believe that we are saved by the grace of God and we go to heaven. I believe the Christian life is going into your community and sharing the good news of God by helping others, giving to the poor, giving shelter to the homeless, and caring for the sick.— Lia Robertson

I believe that Jesus wants us to follow him so we can do the right thing and to watch over us, and I know he's watching me. Because I know that God is on my team.— Logan Zen Rodgers

I believe that God is a constant presence that guides you and helps you in life. He, who does not have a gender, is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I have witnessed him guiding me through my own life and I know, especially from the Bowery Mission, how he guides people during rough patches in life and provides them purpose and motivation.— Margaret Stroup

I believe that God created the earth, and all of its inhabitants, and especially made humans in his image. I believe that because of the grace that God has, he sent down his son, Jesus Christ, as a living man who died on the cross like a criminal so that all our sins can be forgiven. One thing we know for certain is that all people are deeply loved by the God who created us.— Will Sytsma

The members of the 2018 Confirmation Class (led by Associate Pastor Werner Ramirez) shared portions of their statements of faith during worship on Sunday, March 4, 2018. In the photo above, seated: Lia Robertson, Logan Zen Rodgers and Ross Gramley; standing: Margaret Stroup, Ingrid Larsen, Salome Noufele and Will Sytsma. This season of testimony accompanies the Lenten Sermon Series, Sifting the Real from the Fake in Life and Faith.

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