A Swirling Addition to Our Collection of Sacred Art

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church is delighted to announced the newest addition to its collection of sacred art—Miriam’s Dance.

A gift of the artist, Jordana Klein, the painting is on view outside Kirkland Chapel and the Columbarium, on the main floor of the Curry Church House.

“We are delighted with this exceptional piece and exceedingly grateful for Jordana’s generosity toward this church,” says Nancy Moore, chair of the Arts & Our Faith Committee.“The painting’s celebration of feminine energy and spiritual power add an important dimension to our collection of art.”

Miriam’s Dance (2014) is inspired by the episode described in Exodus 15, after the crossing of the Red Sea, when the prophetess and sister of Aaron takes up a tambourine and leads the Israelite women in dance and song.

“As a woman, I find few Biblical stories that relate to me on a feminine level,” Klein says. “In this painting, I used many levels of spray paint, each representing the women behind the woman we see. The women’s figures fit smoothly together, each silhouette picked up by the next woman, as if they sang and danced as one, coming together as a free nation for the very first time.”

Klein is a New York-born, Jerusalem-based artist whose paintings have appeared in galleries and exhibitions around the world. Her paintings are a blend of abstract and realism, objects and spirituality, celebrating the beauty of Creation. More about the artist and her work is available at jordanaklein.com.

In the fall of 2016, the Arts & Our Faith Committee sponsored an exhibit of Klein's work, Between Heaven and Earth, that focused on stories and themes from the Hebrew Bible.

"I am continuously inspired by Biblical themes and taking the feeling or message from the scene and giving them a voice," she said at the time. "I strive to create a marriage of the physical and spiritual wherein the object—such as a burning bush or a dancing woman—is the conduit through which the spiritual can be perceived."

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