Congratulations to Our New Officers

During a Congregational Meeting on Sunday, March 18, the members of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church elected a slate of officers for the Class of 2021 who will serve as Elders, Deacons and Trustees of the church.

Members also elected three Members-at-Large who will serve on the 2019 Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee identifies new officers and prepares a slate of candidates for the congregation to consider once a year.

Senior Pastor Scott Black Johnston noted that 55 percent of the incoming officers are serving for the first time, a healthy measure of emerging leadership at the church.

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian will ordain and install our new officers during the 11 am worship service on Sunday, May 20. Thanks to all for your willingness to serve!

Elected to serve as Elders on the Session

Jesse Allen, Amanda DeMeola, Meredith Fleck, Suzan Habachy, Jane Hong, Marc Lovci, Phillip Ma, Jeanne Pape, Harrison Picallo (Youth Elder), Cody Powers, Kalen Karnes Strickland

Elected to serve on the Board of Deacons

Joel Arandia, Hannah Bell, Lisa Cinelli, Dora DePugh, Gretchen Grant, Norm Hirschy, Tabor Hollingsworth, Trevor Illingworth, Debbie Mullins, Rebecca Tarby, Christine Wojcik, Mark Zivkovic

Elected to serve on the Board of Trustees

Susan Callahan, Christopher Edwards, Mary Jane Goode, Tiffany Cochran O'Brien, Edgar (Ted) Peck, David Roberson, Philip Ryan, Charlotte W. Smith

Elected to serve as Members-at-Large

Thomas Pak, Beth Rumore, John K. Wyatt

Our thanks to the members of the 2018 Nominating Committee—Kirsten Aiello, chair; Abby Black, Fred Cannon, Jessica Epstein, Kathy Henderson, Matt Martinez, Mike Peters and the Rev. Dr. Charlene Han Powell, ex officio—for their work in developing the slate of officer candidates this year.

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