Continuing to Sift ‘the Real from the Fake’

If you enjoyed the Lenten sermon series, Sifting the Real from the Fake in Life and Faith, we have good news—the series continues!

Two things happened: the series was a hit, and the pastors realized they have (a lot) more to say. So on we go, through Trinity Sunday (May 27)! 

The series, which began on Feb. 11 (Transfiguration Sunday), seeks to answer two fundamental questions about faith: What do we know? How do we know it?

When he announced the series, Senior Pastor Scott Black Johnston wrote: “As our access to data has increased, so have questions about the nature of the data we are consuming. Is it prejudiced? Is it politically biased? All around us people dispute scientific evidence and eyewitness accounts. Awash in conflicting ‘facts,’ we find ourselves face to face with the most basic of questions: What is true? What is a lie?”

And so, throughout Lent and on Easter, our preachers considered such questions as, "What do we know about Jesus? What do we know about miracles? What do we know about love? What do we know about death?"

Associate Pastor Werner Ramirez continues to probe these fundamental questions on the Second Sunday of Easter (April 8). His sermon, rooted in the story of Thomas’ encounter with the risen Christ, takes up the question, “What Do We Know… About Doubt?”

Final details are still coming together, but you will find sermon titles and texts for the next seven Sundays on the worship calendar. Listen to the complete series via our sermon archive and on iTunes podcast.

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