FAPC Gives Thanks

By Porter Binks and Jes Levine
Co-Chairs, 2019 Pledge Campaign

It’s hard to believe it’s been five weeks since we kicked off the 2019 Pledge Campaign, FAPC Gives. And what an incredible couple of weeks it has been! FAPC is giving thanks today for the generosity that has flowed in since we first spoke to you five weeks ago.

We thought when the pastors asked us to take on this role that it was going to be difficult, but in truth it has been an absolute delight to talk with so many of you about your process of pledging, the programs you are investing in, and your hopes and dreams for the future of this church.

We are so grateful to the Lovci Family, to Alyce Andrews and to Jama Toung for giving their testimonies week after week on the ways they see that FAPC Gives. We are blessed by each of you, and we are so grateful for all you give to this congregation.

There is much to be thankful for, friends, as we have heard every Sunday with Matriarchs and Patriarchs sermon series. Scott kicked this series off by reminding us that God is not a fairy godmother­­—God doesn’t do simple wish fulfillment. God makes promises, and these promises are the things that bind us to our Creator and to each other. 

Throughout this series, all of our incredible pastors and guest preachers have brought us back to the beginning of our family story, to remind us how we are bound together in this place. 

Five weeks ago we asked you to prayerfully consider what you could give, and let God do the rest. In this season of Thanksgiving, with signs of harvest all around us, it feels so fitting that this is the time for Pledge Sunday, when we come forward to present our offerings. This is a powerful moment, when we commit to another year of participation in this community, both financially and with our time and talents. 

If you have pledged, we thank you! If you have not pledged yet, we hope you will do so now. We need every one of you to help us reach our pledge goal and provide for the church's budget in the coming year.

Today, FAPC gives thanks for you. Thanks for your faith in the vision of this church, and for all you give to the ministries and programs that bring this vision to life.  

Porter Binks has been a member of Fifth Avenue since 2010 and has served as an Elder. He is active with the Arts & Our Faith Committee and the LGBTQ community group, The Word Is Out. Jes Levine joined the church in 2011, has served as an Elder and is also a member of the Arts & Our Faith Committee. She is active with the 20s+30s group and Theatre Fellowship.

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