There have been many gifts given to me and my family over 20 years of membership.

By Jama Toung

I am honored to speak today as part of the 2019 Pledge Campaign, FAPC Gives.

Plainly speaking, FAPC gives gifts. Hmmm…GIFTS. As in presents, wrapped up in pretty paper, tied with a bow, delivered down the chimney or by UPS? You may be wondering, "Did they mail mine to my old address? I really need to update my records here at the church. Or, wait. I think I have a piece of the bedrock from under the Sanctuary sitting on my desk at home. Is that what she’s talking about?"

By now maybe you’re thinking about the Christmas Angel Tree Project. Right! FAPC does give gifts! 

In truth, one of the most frequent refrains I hear at FAPC is, “I received so much more than I gave," or, "I received so much more than I gave up.”

It starts like this, Would you…    

  • Cook or deliver a meal? Sure, I can do that.
  • Teach a Sunday School class? Thank you for asking!
  • Greet, usher, welcome, decorate? I’d love to.
  • Visit an elderly member who can’t travel to worship? Absolutely!

It feels so good to give. It makes my heart happy. 

Giving to FAPC is an act of faith. It’s an act of worship, believing that God will use our gifts for good. And the more we give, the more the church gives back to us, AND the more the church can give to the world.

Giving to the world is much easier than we think. It happens like this:

  • This year, 1,972 meals will be delivered by Meals on Heels, and we’ve been doing this for over 30 years. That’s 59,160 hot, nutritious meals delivered to our homebound neighbors. 
  • Our 18 Sunday School teachers are reaching 100 kids this year, and nearly 700 people have participated in the 2018 Christian Education offerings.
  • FAPC hosts over 100 worship services every year, including 12 at the Bowery Mission.
  • And we have partners in this ministry—15 groups and organizations whom FAPC supports with volunteer and financial resources who are helping to create change in this city and world.
  • FAPC welcomes thousands of members and guests annually through the doors of this beautiful church for worship, concerts, parties, plays, community groups and more. At special events like Open House New York and the Gotto Lecture, we welcomed 1,000 people to each.
  • Some of our guests find their spiritual home at FAPC.

Indeed, FAPC gives gifts. There have been many given to me and my family over my 20 years of membership.

At FAPC, I have found myself in the grand company of givers. You’ve taught me to be a cheerful giver. I’ve experienced the joy of giving, over and over.

I’ve been thinking about how David and I will grow our gift to FAPC in 2019. I’m inspired by the Angel Tree Project. There are 115 more children on this year’s tree who will receive gifts from FAPC. 

Thank you—everyone—for prayerfully considering your gift to the FAPC Gives campaign. I encourage you to give joyfully, and to make your pledge next Sunday, Nov. 18th.

Jama Toung has been a member of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church since 1998. She offered this Moment for Commitment during worship on Sunday, Nov. 11. To submit your pledge to the 2019 stewardship campaign, click here.

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