FAPC’s 100-Day Summer Instagram Project

By Tim Palmer Curl

Starting Saturday, June 3, and continuing every day throughout the summer, we'll be sharing "100 Things I Love About FAPC" on our Instagram feed, @fapc_nyc. And we invite you to be part of it.

Send us your ideas (with or without photo) to [email protected], and we'll post the best ones with the hashtag #fapcthingsilove.

I love the creation of personalized lunch bags for Meals on Heels deliveries.Notice I said "the best ones." There are some qualifications here.

This project was born a few Saturdays ago, during the annual Officers Retreat. I had 20 minutes on the agenda, and I wanted to get input from the Elders, Deacons and Trustees gathered there that would inspire an upcoming refresh of the FAPC website. I handed out sheets titled "10 Things I Love About FAPC" and asked them to fill in all 10 spaces in five minutes.

I asked the officers to write from the heart, not from the head. And I told them I wanted specifics. I wasn't looking for broad, bland words like "diversity" or "community." I wanted something like this: "I love the creak of the Sanctuary floor as I settle into my pew on Sunday morning." Or this: "I love arriving at church on Pageant Sunday and running into a dozen little angels adjusting their wings."

I love the feeling of being a part of something bigger when I walk through the doors.

To get them warmed up, I dimmed the lights and projected dozens of heartwarming FAPC images, accompanied by the FAPC's Chamber Choir's achingly beautiful performance of Maurice Durufle's Sanctus. (I believe some tears were shed.)

Later, as I was poring over the completed sheets with our communications associate, Vasheena Brisbane, we saw this church—your church—come into sharp focus. We could hear it. We could feel it. And we knew we had to share it.

So if you want to share the things you love best about FAPC, do as our officers did. Be specific about what it is you love. Help us to see it, hear it, feel it.

We've posted some examples from our officers' contributions. This is what we are looking for.

I love the ‘paper flames’ at Pentecost.

We'll post a new favorite thing every day until Homecoming. Follow us on Instagram at @fapc_nyc, and share the experience with us.

And feel free to post on your own! Please tag our location, and use the #fapcthingsilove hashtag.

Happy summer, FAPC.

Tim Palmer Curl is director of communications at FAPC.

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