‘I Know Where Your Hard-Earned Pledge Dollars Go’

Every year I discover more ways the church gives, and more ways I can give back.

By Alyce Andrews

The theme of this year's Pledge Campaign is FAPC Gives. And boy, it has given so much to me.

I wandered into Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church nine years ago, when I was exploring my Presbyterian roots and wanted to diversify my life beyond a very intense job on Wall Street. It took a while to find my groove. After all, this is a big place with a lot of people who in my eyes all seemed to know each other.

I am so glad I kept coming back, because every year I discover more ways the church gives, and more ways I can give back.

About seven years ago, someone asked me to consider running for one of the boards. I didn’t know what that meant exactly, but I was petrified of not winning. I ended up joining the Trustees because I’m a numbers geek, and I have a confession to make... I actually like sitting on the Audit Committee. I also chair the Investment Committee. So I know on a detailed basis where your hard-earned pledge dollars go.

They go to fund our amazing music program, our educational series and our youth programs. They pay our amazing staff, and keep this massive physical structure in the heart of Manhattan secure and running smoothly. You might be amazed to know our gas and electric bill alone is close to $300,000 per year.

Your dollars go to fund outreach programs like Meals on Heels, mission partners in the U.S. and abroad, pastoral care for those who cannot leave their homes and many other causes.

Another example that’s particularly dear to me is the men’s homeless shelter, right here in the church, that houses 12 men who need temporary housing. It’s an amazing place to volunteer and hear the stories of the residents who are all striving to better their lives and secure independent housing.

FAPC gives back in so many ways. It’s the main reason I joined the church. 

In that spirit, we ask you to please join us in prayerful consideration of your 2019 pledge. As it says in the second chapter of Corinthians, “So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.” Or, as my aunt recently wrote to me, “You cannot out-give God." 

Alyce Andrews has been a member of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church since 2009. She offered this Moment for Commitment on Sunday, Nov. 4. To submit your pledge to the 2019 stewardship campaign, click here.

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