Pastoral Care

Reach out—there are many ways we can help.

If you are experiencing loss, sadness, illness or grief, if you are struggling with questions of faith or have a particular concern on your heart, or if you simply want a companion in prayer, let us know.

How We Provide Pastoral Care

Our clergy routinely make home and hospital visits, and we are available to provide one-on-one counseling for members of the congregation. Our parish visitor, the Rev. Helen Jackson, regularly visits and brings communion to our homebound and hospitalized members as well.

Our Deacons keep in touch with the frail, ailing and homebound members of our community through phone calls, letters and personal visits. They also deliver flowers to homes and hospitals every Sunday after worship. Deacons are available to pray with you individually every Sunday after worship. Look for them in the front of the Sanctuary or Kirkland Chapel (they will be wearing white stoles).

How to Request Pastoral Care

If you would like to speak with a pastor, request a visit from a Deacon or from the Rev. Helen Jackson, our parish visitor, or if you have another concern, contact Lance Hurst in the Office of Congregational Care (212.247.0490 ext 3007, [email protected]). Lance will direct your request to the person who can best help you.

We Will Pray for You

Every Sunday, our clergy and officers meet before worship to lift up the concerns of our congregation. The clergy, Deacons Prayer Group and Women’s Association Prayer Group all meet regularly to lift up prayer concerns for the individuals on the church prayer list, and for others who prefer to keep their names private.

If you would like to be added to the church prayer list, or would like us to pray for you in confidence, contact Lance Hurst (212.247.0490 ext 3007, [email protected]).

You may also send us written or online prayer requests. Prayer request cards are available in the pews and outside the Sanctuary and Kirkland Chapel. You may also request a card from an usher or member of the staff. To submit a prayer request online, click here.

All prayer requests are kept confidential. You may even submit your request anonymously.