Community Life

20s + 30s

We've got a new name! After a dozen years of asking young adults to consider “what’s next?” in their journeys of faith, we decided it’s time to freshen things up.

We’re no longer NEXT Ministries. From now on, just call us 20s + 30s.

We’re still the fun-seeking, Jesus-loving, 20- and 30-somethings we’ve always been. Still working to keep faith as the anchor in our busy-New-Yorker lives. Still looking for new friends to join us—and that means you.

If you are a young New Yorker looking for community, friendship and a spiritual home, we welcome you to Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church.

With 20s + 30s, you’ll find a community to help you wrestle with the big, existential questions: What am I going to do with my life? Am I enough? Where is God in all of this? And for heaven’s sake, where’s happy hour?

At Embrace, our after-worship discussions on Sundays, we acknowledge that even though our jobs, hometowns and ethnicities are very different, we share a strong desire to live our daily lives in Christian faith. Join us sometime.

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Our Programs

Community Groups
Our young adult community groups allow you to explore your faith through different lenses as you connect with others and with God. Our groups meet on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, so you can choose the time that works for you.

At our Sunday afternoon gathering, we take a few moments to breathe and rest from the hectic experience of being a young person in NYC. We pray for one another, share our stories and discuss topics that matter, with Jesus as our primary lens. Embrace meets most Sundays (from September through May) at 12:30 pm in the Church House. (Check the monitor in the 55th Street lobby for the specific location on a given Sunday).

Service & Mission
Throughout the year we offer great opportunities to serve God by helping others—locally and around the world—while forming meaningful bonds with one another.

Social Events
Everything from happy hours to baseball games to museum visits helps us grow together as a community beyond the church walls.