Congregational Care

During the Pandemic

How the church can help you—and how you can help the church.

Even as we self-quarantine or shelter in place, human connection remains vital. We are here to provide it.

If you need pastoral care

We may be limited to phone calls, emails and texts, but we intend to keep in touch with you. So we hope you will tell us what you need.

If you want to volunteer

Many of you have asked, “How can I help?” We are deeply grateful for your selfless generosity during this time. There are several things you can do.

Our Meals on Heels ministry is still operating every Saturday, preparing and delivering home-cooked meals to our elderly and homebound neighbors. Our Congregational Care volunteers are making pastoral calls to many of our isolated members.

Please submit the form and let us know

Look for the link titled “Staying Connected” on the right side of this page. This link will take you to a form you can submit to us, telling us what you need and what service you are willing to perform.

Remember, there is always something each of us can do, no matter what our circumstances. Pray. More than ever, the world needs our prayers!