Lenten Spiritual Practices

Fasting and Feasting, Sacrifice and Celebration

For many people of faith, thinking and believing go hand in hand. But how does faith extend beyond the mind? Fasting and feasting are some of the most embodied and physical of our spiritual disciplines. The mainline church doesn’t talk much about the physical side of spirituality, so let’s fix that. Executive Pastor Charlene Han Powell teaches how the sacred experiences of fasting and feasting can help us bridge the gap between body and soul. We invite participants to fast for 24 hours, then break the fast with us over supper. (Even if you don’t fast, we still want you to come!)

Please RSVP to Jaime Staehle ([email protected]) so that we know how much food to prepare.

This class is part of a series of introductory seminars on spiritual disciplines we are offering throughout Lent. Each class is designed to provide the basic techniques of each discipline, while allowing ample time to start practicing them yourself. We encourage you to try as many of these classes as possible—perhaps you will find one (or more) that will become a standard part of your spiritual journey! Upcoming classes are listed on the right.