Family Ministries

Infants + Toddlers

Little Lambs is dedicated to providing a nurturing, faith-based environment for our infants and toddlers. Through song and dance storytelling, they learn the most foundational truth of all: I am loved.

Under the leadership of Osanna Urbay, our Little Lambs gather every Sunday from 9 am until 12:30 pm while parents are in worship or attending the Parents Community Group. Our program is staffed with experienced, professional caregivers, some of whom have been with the church for more than a decade and watched our little ones grow up to become young adults. We have a large room for infants, complete with cribs and a changing table, and two rooms for toddlers.

To ensure their safety, we require that all children be registered for the nursery. You may register online, or on Sunday morning in the LaDane Williamson Christian Education Center.