Engaging with the many vibrant ministries and opportunities at Fifth Avenue has never been easier! MyFifthAvenue is a new online way to curate your experience of this dynamic community of faith.

1. Head to and Update Your Contact Information

In your profile: select EDIT PROFILE.
Edit your phone number (include your phone carrier), email, address and other basic information. Edit it once, and every group you belong to
will have your current information. Click SAVE when you make changes. You’ll also notice that MyFifthAvenue tracks family structure, with a primary contact (typically, this defaults to the oldest record on file), spouse, children and other (perfect for any friends or extended family you bring to church!). Your position in the family structure does not change your experience of MyFifthAvenue. While you’re at it, why not add profile and family photos?

2. Make sure you receive all communications from MyFifthAvenue.

Make sure you receive all communications from MyFifthAvenue.
In your personal email account: add [email protected] to your contacts. While our long-standing weekly messages will still come from [email protected], messages sent from MyFifthAvenue will arrive from this new address.

3. Update your privacy settings.

In your profile: choose ACTIONS > PRIVACY
We value your privacy and treat your information with the utmost care. If you prefer, you may even elect to unlist your profile entirely, allowing only staff to view it. As a default, others within MyFifthAvenue will only be able to see your birthdate (month and day). However, you may update your person settings to share certain information (like your email address) only with others in your groups (think bible studies and other small groups) or with the entire community. Be sure to click APPLY when you make changes.

4. Choose Your Communication Preference

You have the option of choosing how people in your group communicate with you. Choose to receive text messages, a weekly summary of group activity and emails from other members in your groups. Click SAVE SETTINGS when you make changes. 

5. Launching 2022: The Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church Mobile App

You guessed it! All of this is leading somewhere, and that is to a new, convenient way to engage with your church community via any mobile device. More details on this exciting direction to come!

Need assistance with MyFifthAvenue? Email us at [email protected]. You can also click HELP on any page in MyFifthAvenue.