Advocacy + Outreach

Outreach & Missions for the 2020-2021 Season

The mission of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church is to proclaim, to be shaped by and to live out the Good News of Jesus Christ.  We seek to use our church’s gifts of time, talent and resources to be a good neighbor to those in need of help and hope, both locally and globally.

In recent months, the impact of our church’s programs—longstanding ministries like Meals on Heels and newer initiatives like the Ecumenical Outreach Partnership and A Place at the Table—have shown measurable success in responding to the needs of men, women and children in our own community who are experiencing homelessness, hunger and other challenges made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, in response to increased need, Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church is moving to expand its efforts in Outreach & Missions and embracing a new vision to assist the most vulnerable. 

At the heart of this initiative will be a new member of the staff—the Director of Outreach & Missions. (This role is distinct from the Director of Outreach position formerly filled by Rev. Seamus Campbell, who is now serving as Director of Homeless Ministries with the Ecumenical Outreach Partnership.) This Director will lead, leverage and focus the committees, partnerships, and resources that shape and fuel the outreach energies of FAPC and will increase our ability to assist our vulnerable neighbors in NYC and beyond.

The responsibilities of this senior staff member include cultivating a comprehensive development strategy with current and prospective supporters of our growing outreach ministries, stewarding all grant opportunities and the management of the FAPC Outreach staff and all mission partnerships. The ideal candidate holds a master’s degree in Social Work, Divinity or a related field, and possesses a minimum of five years of general management experience.

Mark Moreland, Vice President of the Board of Trustees, is the chair of the FAPC Search Committee for Director of Outreach & Missions. “We are casting a new vision and investing in a leader to be a voice, champion and innovator for making a difference in the lives of neighbors in need in New York City and beyond,” says Mark. “We are seeking an experienced leader who holds our FAPC values and promotes an environment of respect, inclusion, and collaboration that inspires our talented, high-performing team of staff, partners and other volunteers.”

The Rev. Kate Dunn shares her enthusiasm for the creation of this new position. “This church has always sought to respond to the needs of our local and global community, and particularly to the people who walk through our doors seeking support in difficult times. I am grateful that FAPC is investing in a dedicated staff person, the Director of Outreach & Missions, to guide and develop our faithful response to the needs of our vulnerable neighbors, near and far.” Kate continues “As we enter a challenging year ahead, I look forward to dedicating my energies toward congregational care, supporting the deacons in their caregiving ministries, and visiting our homebound and hospitalized members.”

Senior Pastor Scott Black Johnston says, “This search will be an area of focus for me this autumn. I am confident that our committee will find someone who can lead us in these crucial efforts and who can partner with the clergy and officers of this church in making a difference in the lives of those neighbors Christ calls us to serve.” 

All members of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church congregation are encouraged to help spread the news of this position and to suggest potential candidates to the search committee.

The Director of Outreach & Missions Search Committee is led by The Rev. Kate Dunn, Greg Dow, Meredith Fleck, Senior Pastor Scott Black Johnston and Mark Moreland. The search is currently open. To request a copy of the job description or to recommend a candidate for the Director of Outreach & Ministries, please email Stephanie Kelley at [email protected].