Lenten Daily Devotionals

Testimony: ‘It Was as Though a Light Came in Me’

I found God at Fifth. This is my story.

I was ready at an early age to live the life of the gospel. At 14 I knew I was ready. I was baptized at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Brooklyn. Every Sunday it was a two-and-a-half-hour service.

During my adulthood all of that changed. I started to attend church service whenever I could at the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian church, four blocks away. A one-hour service! I loved it! I now was a Presbyterian. This is truly how to serve God!

I was married there. My daughter, Samantha, was christened there. I had coming home services for my parents there. My attendance had a lot had to do with the pastors who were bringing Christian community together and their wonderful preaching of the gospel.

Unfortunately, they only had an 11 am service. The congregation just wasn’t large enough to have an additional early service. Working retail had its obligations of providing Sunday hours. In order to make it to work on time for an 11 am opening, it was impossible to attend any service in Brooklyn unless I was off that day.

I was missing Christ in my soul and in my heart for a very long time. Times were changing for my church, and so was I. Something inside of me said I needed to move on and find another place of worship.

One day, while walking to work on Fifth Avenue, I remembered seeing a Presbyterian church. I looked up, and it said services were available for both 9:30 and 11. By the grace of God, I knew this was it. The next Sunday I walked into the Chapel to hear the word of God, and it was as though a light came in me. The words that Rev. Scott preached resonated in me and brought me to tears. The Lord was there at that moment, saying to me, “You are going to be all right.”

I filled out my little note card provided in the pews with my name and address. That very same evening, or the next day, I received a call from a Philadelphia fan, Rev. Randy Weber, asking me to attend the membership classes, and that was it.

I began attending Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church with such a guilt, because I left my church in Brooklyn and its pastor behind. They definitely would notice that I was gone. This led me to confess my doubts about joining to Rev. Weber and why. One day I came home and got a letter in the mail from my church in Brooklyn. I was worried. I said to myself, “They got me! What do I do now?” I opened the letter, and it was from my pastor, who was announcing his retirement. I was so happy for him, but most of all I was so happy for myself.

God had literally pointed me in the right direction and given me a confirmation.

After nearly 10 years as a member, this is the second time I’ve been on the Board of Deacons. I have served as an usher, and I have attended several education series on Christian life. I have also been active in Bible study and the Theatre Fellowship, and needless to say, the music continues to reach my soul.

The pastors of Fifth Avenue have given us so much to look forward to on Sundays, and in living our everyday lives as children of God. I definitely made the right choice.

Roseanne Lind became a member of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in April 2011 and currently serves as a Deacon. She shared this testimony during worship on April 7, the Fifth Sunday of Lent.