The Voice

The Voice | Fall 2020

This Autumn may find our building closed, but it finds our hearts wide-open like never before.

Dear FAPC Community

This is my first opportunity to greet many of you as Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church’s new Director of Communications & Development. It is a position that arrive at with deep honor. Appropriate to the moment, my introduction comes to you through the power of communication instead of sharing a hello in our beautiful Sanctuary.

A lifelong Presbyterian, my love for this church began when my husband and kids became members more than 5 years ago. At that time, I was serving a church in New Jersey. Each Sunday we would gather at home for family dinner and they would share stories. I was struck by the same thought each week: There is something special happening at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church.

Three years ago I had the opportunity to experience this firsthand as I joined the worship team as a Parish Associate. That is when I knew I was right: There is most definitely something special happening at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church.

It is a pleasure to step into the role of my talented predecessor and continue the excellence in our Communications, Development and Online Worship. As a former television producer, I know how media can shape powerful stories of hope through a virtual platform. But just between us—I really can’t wait to share a warm hello when we see each other in person.

While this may be a fall like no other, I join the entire church team in sending prayers of health and safety until we can all be together again.

Every Blessing


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