Support the Church

2023 Pledge Campaign

God is forever choosing ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Scripture makes that truth abundantly clear.

God sends a shepherd boy, David, to fight the mighty Goliath. God dispatches fishermen into the villages of Galilee to preach and to heal. God chooses a teenage girl to deliver a savior to the world.

The first extraordinary thing that these ordinary people do is say yes. Each of them, like Mary­— “the servant of the Lord”—steps forward in faith, with a humble willingness to serve.

Here at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, God’s call often comes as a request from a pastor, or from a fellow member.

Will you volunteer in the kitchen? Will you teach Sunday School? Will you be an officer?

With every faithful “yes,” the church sustains its ministries of worship and music, outreach and education, pastoral care and fellowship. Together, we do extraordinary things.

Today we have another request, for all fellow members and friends of this beloved church.

Will you give?

Will you pledge your support to the ministries that God has called us to? Will you help to make 2023 another extraordinary year for this community of faith?

This year, our pledge goal is $3.2 million. Despite these inflationary times, this represents just a 3.2 percent increase over last year.

Please prayerfully consider what you can afford to support our mission and ministries in the coming year.

Dora DePugh & Thomas Pak
Co-chairs, 2023 Pledge Campaign