We can help you create a beautiful, memorable wedding at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church.

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church is one of the most stunning and historic wedding venues in New York City. Our grand Sanctuary and intimate Kirkland Chapel are both available for your ceremony. We also have a choice of venues in our church house, along with in-house catering services, for a joyous reception.

At the crossroads of Manhattan, on iconic Fifth Avenue, your wedding will be as unforgettable as our great city.

The following FAQs will get you started. You will find complete details on the next tab (helpfully titled Complete Details). Please contact Jacklyn Smith (212.247.0490 ext. 3018, [email protected]) if you have further questions.

What is required to get married at FAPC?

  • A completed wedding application (click over to the tab titled Wedding Application).
  • A non-refundable deposit (applied to final balance) of $150.
  • Premarital counseling with the officiating pastor.
  • A meeting with our Director of Music and Fine Arts Ministries.
  • Final payment two weeks prior to your wedding date.

Do we have to be baptized or members of the church to get married at FAPC?

There is no baptism or membership requirement to be married here.

Does the church require premarital counseling? 

Yes, couples are required to have one or two premarital counseling sessions with the pastor officiating the wedding. For those who do not live in the New York City area, we arrange a single, extended session via video conference. Supplemental sessions may be scheduled for an additional fee.

Who can serve as an officiating minister?

All weddings at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church are performed by a pastor on staff. However, with prior approval, a visiting minister may perform or assist in the ceremony.

Do you marry same-sex couples?

Yes. Performing a wedding for any couple, regardless of gender, is always at the discretion of the pastor.

My partner and I live overseas. Can we get married in your church?

Yes, we perform weddings for couples international and domestic.

Does the church have facilities suitable for a reception following the ceremony?

We have two beautiful reception halls that can accommodate wedding receptions large or small. There is a $500 discount for couples who schedule both their ceremony and reception at the church. We also have a professional, in-house catering company that can take care of everything from cocktail receptions to sit-down dinners. Our planning coordinator can provide more information about space rental and other important details.

Venues and Scheduling 

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church has two venues to choose from. The Sanctuary seats 1,800, and Kirkland Chapel seats 250. Weddings, though usually scheduled for Fridays or Saturdays, may be held on any day of the week, except Sundays and major holidays. Dates and times are subject to availability. We recommend that weddings be scheduled well in advance of the date of the ceremony. 


The officiant is typically a minister of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. However, with the approval of the church, a visiting minister may be invited to perform or assist in the ceremony. 


Couples must complete the Wedding Application and either submit online or return to Jacklyn Smith along with a $150 non-refundable deposit. Once the church has approved the application, we will confirm your scheduled date, time and venue, the minister officiating your ceremony, and the remaining balance**. Please make all checks payable to Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. Final payment is required two weeks before the wedding. 


Wedding rehearsals are normally scheduled for the evening prior to the wedding at either 3:30 pm or 4:30 pm. All members of the wedding party and participants in the ceremony should attend. 

Premarital Counseling 

The couple is required to meet with the pastor who will officiate at the wedding. This meeting(s) will include planning for the ceremony and any other topics the couple wishes to discuss. Supplemental counseling may be scheduled for an additional fee, with the approval of the officiating pastor. 

Event Coordinator 

After your application has been approved, our event coordinator will meet with you, walk you through the space, and coordinate flower delivery and placement, candles and altar set-up. The coordinator will be present during the rehearsal and ceremony to orchestrate the processional and recessional, and confer with photographers and ushers. The coordinator will also help to ensure that room arrangements and facilities services are in place for the wedding (including the reception, if it is also held at the church). 


Couples should schedule a meeting with our music director to arrange the music for your wedding. During your consultation, the director will help you arrange all your requirements (organ, soloists, etc.). Our music director is expected to play at all weddings. If the director is not available, we will arrange for a substitute. If our organist is available but you desire a guest organist or other musicians, FAPC follows the policy of the American Guild of Organists: A guest organist or other musicians must meet with our music director, who will assess their competence and experience. If the musicians are approved, you will be responsible for fees owed to the guest musician(s) and for our music director’s standard fee. This fee covers your initial consultation, rehearsal and ceremony. 


Floral decorations, if any, should only be arranged after noting the size of the front of the Sanctuary or Kirkland Chapel to ensure that the arrangements will not block the view of guests. Under no circumstances may tacks or nails be used to fasten any decorations in place. Petals, rice, birdseed and confetti are not permitted to be thrown in the building or on the church steps. The church house is open via the 55th Street entrance at least 90 minutes before the start of the ceremony to receive flowers and deliveries. 

Dressing Rooms 

There is a bride’s room at the rear of the Chapel, near the entryway. The room has a private bathroom and vanity. The groom’s room is located in the Vestry, just outside the Sanctuary; this room also has a private bathroom and closet. Both rooms accommodate four to six people comfortably. 

Photography and Videography 

Please discuss photography and videography with the pastor and event coordinator in advance of your wedding date. Photographers and videographers are not permitted to come down the aisle during the processional or during the ceremony. 


Parking is not provided by the church, and on-street parking around the church is scarce. There is a "standing only" area immediately in front of the 55th Street entrance where limousines may be parked during the service, as long as the driver remains with the car. There is also a public parking garage on 55th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. We recommend that, if possible, wedding guests use public transportation. 


There are two reception halls available for receptions large or small. Any event held on the church premises is required to employ our in-house caterer, Roxo Events Inc. Roxo Events has vast experience in creating beautiful events of all types. To inquire about Roxo’s services, contact Rodrigo Rosas at [email protected]. There is a $500 discount for those who decide to schedule both their ceremony and reception at the church. 

New York State Marriage License 

Couples should obtain a New York State marriage license from the Office of the New York City Clerk, located at One Centre Street in Manhattan. Information, including an online marriage application, are available here.

Fees and Honoraria

  • Sanctuary - $2,500 
  • Kirkland Chapel - $1,500 
  • Officiant* - $650 
  • Organist - $400 
  • Event Coordinator - $500 
  • Reception Space - $3,000

(If you are a member of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, contact Jacklyn Smith at [email protected] for wedding rates.)

If you are interested in having one of our pastors officiate your wedding off-site, contact Jacklyn Smith at [email protected] for additional cost information. 

* If using an outside officiant, a $500 fee still applies for additional coordination. 
** Your $150 deposit is applied to the total balance

Wedding Application


Each member of the couple (Partner 1 and Partner 2) should provide the following information:

If you are members of FAPC, how would you like your future names to read in our church records?

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