Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church maintains an extensive archival collection of sermons, weekly bulletins, newsletters, historical photos and documents, and digital files that date from the start of our congregation in 1808 until the present day.

The Archives are open for qualified historical research by appointment. Please contact our archivist, Dale Hansen, at [email protected].

Genealogical Research
Our Archives volunteers can search for baptism, birth, death and membership records from 1808 until the present. Baptism, birth and death records pertain to church members only. We can search marriage records from 1868 until the present. Marriage records may pertain to both members and non-members, when marriages of non-members were performed at the church.

Research Fees
Research fees are $40 per hour, with a minimum fee of $10. As appropriate, postal and reproduction fees may be added to these fees. Fees are payable by check or money order prior to release of information. Research fees are for staff time and apply whether or not the requested information is found. The staff will answer all requests as time permits. Please allow up to four weeks for a response.

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