Community Life

Community Groups

Forming intimate bonds of friendship within the global body of Christ.

What is a community group?
A community group is eight to 12 people who gather regularly to grow in their faith through study, prayer, fellowship and service. In a congregation as large as FAPC, community groups are a way to get plugged into the church as well as find support, friendship and encouragement in the city.

During the fall, groups meet from September to December. During the winter and spring, groups meet from January to May. Most groups go on hiatus during the summer.

What do community groups do?
While each Community Group is unique in its focus and structure, all of our groups are centered around the bonds of Christian community.

Most community groups focus around Bible study or book readings. Our Adult Education program works hand in hand with community groups to provide content and opportunities for group members to engage on a deeper level. Groups always have the option to study a curriculum that relates to the current sermon series, or to choose a study of their own. In the fall, we encourage members and friends to participate in our annual congregational book-read.

But community groups do more than just study. We encourage all of our groups to participate in service projects (such as FAPC Serves in the spring), attend classes, concerts and fellowship events together. Our hope is that by engaging questions of faith on a number of levels—through worship, education, personal reflection and community—each member’s experience at FAPC will be richer, more empowering and more fulfilling.

When and where do community groups meet?
Many of our community groups meet at FAPC on Sundays at 9:30 am. There are also a number of groups that meet during the week, either at the church or another location in the city.

How do I sign up?
Simply fill out the online registration form, and we will get back to you!

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