Christian Education

CREDO: Essentials of Christian Theology

Each spring, our clergy lead us in discovering some of the essentials of Christianity in our popular lecture series: CREDO.

The Heresy of Docetism

The Rev. Werner Ramirez explores the heresy of docetism — an affirmation that Christ did not have a real or natural body during his life on earth.

The Heresy of Donatism

The Rev. Dr. Scott Black Johnston presents on the heresy of donatism — a mandate that Christian clergy must be faultless for their ministry to be effective and their prayers and sacraments to be valid.

The Heresy of Pelagianism

The Rev. Sarah Speed discusses the heresy of pelagianism — a denial of original sin.

The Heresy of Arianism

The Rev. Dr. Jonah So explores the heresy of arianism — a denial of the divinity of Jesus as the son of God.