Christian Education

CREDO: Essentials of Christian Theology

Every spring, the Adult Education program presents CREDO: Essentials of Christian Theology, a series led by our pastors.

Over the years CREDO has addressed a breadth of topics, from major heresies in the Church (and their impact on Christian doctrine) to leading figures of the Reformation. This year our popular series will focus on the four Gospels.

The Gospel of Mark
Sunday, April 11 • 7 pm  
Our Annual CREDO Series begins with the Gospel of Mark, the oldest and shortest of the four Gospels. Explore the Gospel of Mark and how it helped to shape our understanding of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Morgan Valencia King will lead us on a journey through this fascinating book and how it helped to shape our understanding of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Register here.

The Gospel of Matthew
Sunday, April 18 • 7 pm
Journey with us to better understand the Gospel of Matthew, and what its use of prophesies tells us about this first book in the New Testament. The Gospel of Matthew is the first book of the New Testament. It was likely written for a Jewish audience, evidenced by the genealogy of Jesus at the beginning of the book, the introduction of the idea of Jesus as Messiah, and the reiteration of prophesies throughout the book. We will join The Rev. Kate Dunn on an exploration of the Gospel of Matthew. Register here. 

The Gospel of Luke
Sunday, April 25 • 7 pm
The Gospel of Luke begins with the story of Jesus’ birth. Filled with parables unique just to the book of Luke, this is the only book where we read the stories of the Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son. Learn more about the parables and stories unique to the Gospel of Luke. The Rev. Werner Ramirez will guide us through the longest of the four Gospels. Register here.

The Gospel of John
Sunday, May 2 • 7 pm
The Gospel of John is the fourth and final Canonical Gospel. Using nine “I AM” statements, John explores less of what Jesus did and more of who Jesus is. The Rev. Dr. Scott Black Johnston will lead us through the book of John, helping us understand the importance of this Gospel. Register here.

These webinars will be available only as a live programs via Zoom. For information about how to telephone into the program, email: [email protected].