Congregational Care


For Christians, there is a powerful connection between where the Spirit nests and where our souls are laid to rest. We provide just such a space—here, within the walls of our beloved church.

The Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church Columbarium offers a sacred place to memorialize the departed and to house their ashes following cremation (their “cremains”).

Located on the ground floor of the church house, the Columbarium is adjacent to the Bryant M. Kirkland Chapel, in the space that served for more than 90 years as the Ladies’ Chapel. The Columbarium is designed to accommodate a service of committal, led by a pastor of the church, for family and friends of the deceased. It is also a place of repose, open to all who seek a quiet spot for prayer or meditation.

Inside the Space

The stained glass window that adorns the north wall of the Columbarium is original to the church house and dates from 1925. The gentle light filtering through this window lends a sense of the sacred to the room. Arrayed along all sides of the room are 496 separate compartments, or niches, each with space for one urn where the cremains of the deceased will be deposited or “inurned.” Covering each set of four niches is a bronze image of the Celtic Cross, with its characteristic circle at the center. This circle is an ancient symbol of eternity that emphasizes the endlessness of God’s love, as demonstrated through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

Each occupied niche will have a nameplate inscribed with the name, year of birth and year of death of the deceased. The Columbarium also provides a place to commemorate the departed without inurnment. Sixty-four memorial plaques have been placed among the niches.

How to Reserve a Niche or Plaque

If you are interested in reserving a niche or memorial plaque in the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church Columbarium, please contact [email protected].

  • An application to reserve a niche with right of inurnment and the application for a memorial plaque (with right of commemoration only) are available for download on the right.
  • On your application, you may specify a desired location, as well as two alternate choices in order of preference. You can download a layout indicating the
  • location of the niches on the right.
  • The fee for the right of inurnment in a single niche with one urn is $2,500 for members and former members of the church, and $3,500 for non-members, which includes engraving.
  • The fee for a memorial plaque (without the right of inurnment) is $1,000 for members and former members, and $2,000 for non-members, which includes engraving.

Full payment or a 50% deposit is due once your application is approved, with the balance payable in one or more installments within 12 months. Additional stipulations are in the Terms and Conditions provided to all applicants, also available for download on the right.