Kirkland Chapel Renovation


A comprehensive plan for maintenance and repair will make Kirkland Chapel a safer, more accessible space.

When you look at the Chapel with a critical eye, you quickly get an idea of the structural repairs that need to be made—repairs that extend from below the floor to above the ceiling.

A number of repairs are necessary to make the Chapel safer and to meet building codes that didn’t exist in 1925. We have no sprinkler system, for example. There is asbestos beneath the floor and in the ceiling that must be removed. The electrical and plumbing systems are antiquated. The heating and air conditioning system is inefficient. And none of these systems meets the city’s newest environmental codes.

The immovable pews, which extend all the way to the walls, make for a largely inaccessible space. They do not provide for a safe and efficient exit should we ever need to evacuate. The floor is a patchwork of aging tile and linoleum, with areas that pose trip hazards.

The renovation plan calls for new, versatile seating that will create broader pathways into and out of the Chapel. We plan to replace the floor with New York slate. This new flooring will enhance the beauty of the Chapel while making it safer for foot traffic. Upgrades to the lighting, heating, air conditioning and plumbing will bring the space up to code and improve energy efficiency.

Our Architect

We have retained an exceptional partner to help us envision and create a blueprint for the next 100 years for Kirkland Chapel.

We know Moira McClintock well—and she knows us. Moira was deeply involved in our last major capital improvement project, the brownstone restoration, in 2016.

A partner at Ford3 Architects in New York, Moira brings a passion for art, education and historic preservation to her work. Beyond her architectural expertise and project management capabilities, it is her knowledge of, and love for, this church that will ensure the success of our renovation project.

If you’d like to learn more, read Moira’s biography at