Outreach Ministries

Ecumenical Outreach Partnership

The Ecumenical Outreach Partnership is a collaboration among three midtown congregations, Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, Saint Thomas and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

In late 2016, a repeat referral for a social worker began to shift the thinking of three major metropolitan churches: Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, Saint Thomas Church, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. For decades, these institutions have enjoyed ecumenical and neighborly engagements, while operating outreach programs to the mid-town homeless community, independent of one another. In 2017, unified by a common gospel calling and core mission to the homeless and vulnerable these three faith institutions joined together to prioritize homeless outreach through mission calling, service development, program implementation and resource consolidation. This cohesive action resulted in the formation of the Ecumenical Outreach Partnership (EOP) in 2017.

Our Mission Today

To work together as three communities of faith to address the needs of vulnerable New Yorkers facing challenges related to lack of housing, insecure shelter, poverty, hunger, physical and mental health, safety, isolation and struggle to meet basic needs. By joining together to create the Ecumenical Outreach Partnership to support the mid-town homeless community, our three congregations will be more equipped to respond to the needs of struggling people whom we encounter daily.

EOP Services

Today, EOP continues to welcome the homeless and other vulnerable populations into our program for case management services, referrals, and direct assistance. The EOP program suite consists of:

· Housing referrals
· A Place at the Table meal program and other food referrals
· Health and mental health referrals and on-site medical care through an Article 28 mobile clinic
· Hygiene supplies and clothing
· Personal client engagement and pastoral care in a 1:1 capacity
· Counseling and crisis Intervention
· Aid in government and benefits assistance
· Immigration and legal support
· Transportation access

About Ecumenical Outreach Partnership

EOP Personnel

The EOP staff is led by a talented group of individuals, each committed to the well-being of our homeless guests. Our staff consists of:

John Sheehan, LMSW, Director of the Fifth Avenue Ecumenical Outreach Partnership, Pastor Séamus Campbell, Director of Homeless Ministries, and Omar Sow, Case Manager.

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Interested in Volunteering?
Volunteer escorts are needed on a case by case basis to accompany clients to daytime appointments at health clinics, the city’s Human Resource Administration or housing court. Training is provided. Volunteers and clients are matched at the direction of program director, John Sheehan. If you would like to volunteer as an escort, click here to contact John Sheehan.

EOP Hours of Operation

Mondays & Wednesdays • 1–2 pm
Lunch is served on the sidewalk at 1 pm. Masks are required for guests and volunteers.

Tuesdays & Thursdays • 1–4 pm
Client services take place in The Kirkland Chapel. A health screening will be conducted due to the ongoing health pandemic. Case management, referrals and direct assistance are provided, in addition to pastoral care. No appointments necessary.

Worship for the Homeless
Every Sunday at Church of Transfiguration • 2 pm
1 East 29th St. (between Fifth Avenue & Madison Avenue)