Family Ministries


Confirmation is the rite of initiation in which our youth affirm their faith and enter into full membership in the church.

Confirmation is often thought of simply as a series of classes where students are told what to believe. Yet we want our students to think critically about what they believe about the divine and this world. Together we wonder and discuss questions like, “Who is God,” “What happens after we die?” and “What is the point of the church?”

While we teach Christian beliefs, our aim is not simply to impart information, but to create opportunities for our confirmands to explore their faith and put it into action. In addition to weekly classes, confirmands participate in a weekend retreat with our mission partner, the Farminary, where they learn about creation theology and environmental justice while working their hands in the soil.

The Confirmation process takes place every year from mid-January to the first Sunday in March. Students in seventh grade and above are eligible. Contact [email protected] if you have questions or are ready to enroll.