Congregational Care

Seeking Pastoral Care

During the Pandemic even as we quarantine or shelter in place, human connection remains vital. We are still here to provide pastoral care.

If you (or others you know in our community) are going through a difficult time, contact us. Here are some options.

Contact the Congregational Care office.

Call or email Lance Hurst, who will direct your request to the person who can help you. If you would like to be added to the prayer list that appears in the Sunday email, Lance can handle that, too. The Deacons Prayer Group and the Women’s Association Prayer Group dedicate time to private prayer for the individuals on the church prayer list, as well as others who request prayer.

Request help from our volunteers.

The Deacons and Circle of Caregiving volunteers maintain a robust ministry on behalf of our members who are elderly, homebound or in fragile health. Contact Kristia Tolode to get in touch with these resources.

Submit a prayer request.

You can submit a prayer request online. All requests are kept confidential. You may even submit your request anonymously.

Remember, there is always something each of us can do, no matter what our circumstances. Pray. More than ever, the world needs our prayers!