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CREDO: Foundations of Christian Theology—The Confession of 1967

This spring we invite you to join us for our annual series on foundations of Christian theology, led by our very own clergy. The Presbyterian Church (USA) has eleven confessions in The Book of Confessions. While most of these confessions date back several hundred years, four of them were written as recently as the 20th century. What do churches in Nazi Germany, Apartheid South Africa, and the political climate of the United States in 1967 have to say to us today? What themes brought together two of the largest Presbyterian churches in the United States in 1983? We hope you’ll join us in Bonnell Hall at 12:30 pm each Sunday in April to discover more. Food will be served. In addition, keep your eyes peeled for a Crossroads Podcast each week where Jaime will sit down to talk to Clergy about their topic!

The Confession of 1967

The Rev. Dr. Jonah So
This statement of faith, written during a time of political and social unrest in the United States, addressed the Church’s response to social and ethical issues of the 20th century. Join us in exploring the historical context, the significance of its composition during a tumultuous era, and the excitement of studying a confession that not only captures the spirit of its time but also offers timeless insights into navigating the intersection of faith and societal change.