Employment Advisory

The Great Resignation from the Inside

Much has been speculated about the difficulty of finding employees, about people leaving their jobs and the motivations and factors involved.  What does it all mean to those in the job market? How do we need to approach the job market?  How can we benefit from this trend?  Join us for a panel of senior managers, recruiters and coaches who will cover resignation as a current trend, what effect it has on the job market and job seekers and what you can do about it.  Our panelists will share their perspective and answer your questions.

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-Jason Kies is a managing partner at KPMG whose insight as a hiring manager gives him an insider’s perspective on employment and the job market.
-Richard Lipstein is an executive recruiter specializing in the financial industry.
-Ruth Robins is a career coach who guides clients in the ups and downs of the job market.
-Win Sheffield is a career coach who focuses on those who are seeking to change their roles.

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