Adult Education

Historical & Architectural Tour

Who created the mosaic above the Fifth Avenue entrance? How did they air-condition the Sanctuary in the 19th century? Is it true that our clock tower was once the tallest structure in Manhattan?

Come learn the answers on this special, “insider’s tour” of our 144-year-old church. Gail Crane, a member of the church for more than half a century, and Derek Maddalena, director of facilities, are your guides. Gail traces the history of the congregation from our beginnings in 1808, and points out the distinctive architectural details of the Sanctuary (1875), Kirkland Chapel (1925) and other public spaces. Derek escorts you to the Sanctuary attic and clock tower for a close-up look at the church infrastructure and the 19th-century clockworks still in use today.

Visitors to the attic and clock tower are advised to wear flat, preferably rubber-soled shoes.