Employment Advisory

How to Keep up Morale and Succeed in Your Job Campaign

The last year has put unprecedented strains on the economy, our families and ourselves. Many have been let go or furloughed from jobs or need to consider the very real risk that we will be.  For those in the job market the usual uncertainty, isolation, and feelings of lack of control have been amplified, leaving us feeling vulnerable and hopeless and much less able to deal with the inevitable slings and arrows of the job market.

Join us for an informative and supportive evening with experts who will share tools and perspectives to prepare us to productively and hopefully face the realities of today’s job market. Panelists will respond to issues and questions raised by the audience to address their concerns and provide time tested strategies for dealing with anxiety, uncertainty and fears raised by being a job seeker in a pandemic world Panel of Experts.

A group of professionals in the field will share their experience and answer your questions