One-on-One Interview Practice

The only way to a job is an interview. Join a group of professional interviewers and coaches to practice what you say. In this workshop you can hone your skills, from the initial screening interview all the way to how to talk to your boss’s boss. If you simply want to listen to others’ practice, you are welcome to do that as well. Professional coaches, seasoned managers and recruiters will bring their expertise to this program. 

This program meets on Zoom. Click here to register.

Since 1950, the Employment Advisory program at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church has provided free seminars for anyone who is seeking employment, exploring new career options or simply trying to keep pace with a fast-changing job market. Programs are offered on the third Tuesday of the month. Our instructors include human resources professionals, recruiters, career coaches and hiring managers from a range of industries. To join our mailing list, email us at