Adult Education

Sacred Stories, Part 2: Living the Story

What stories do you hold in your heart? How do they influence your daily life? How do they inform what you believe about the world?

Adult Education presents part 2 of our new, three-part series, “A Summer of Sacred Stories,” which uses Bible stories to help us explore some of life’s most profound questions.

One of our resident Broadway veterans, Jeanne Lehman French, leads this series of three workshops. if you missed Part 1, you are still welcome to participate, or just come observe.

Everyone, of any age, is welcome! But space is limited, so please RSVP in advance to Jaime Staehle ([email protected]) or Morgan King ([email protected]).

Today: Living the Story
Today we will focus on reading between the lines: what can minor characters, subplots, textual clues and historical context reveal about your story? In small groups, we will continue workshopping our stories under Jeanne’s guidance.

July 21: Telling the Story
Show time! Participants will have the opportunity to perform all or part of their stories. We will talk about how emphasis, tone and body language convey meaning and can even help interpret a text. We will end with a conversation about seeing our own lives and experiences in these sacred stories.