Support the Church

Fulfill Your Pledge

Please use our Pushpay system to fulfill your pledge commitment electronically.

You may fulfill your pledge online at This link takes you to our online giving page and connects to our Pushpay electronic payments system.

First, fill in the amount of your payment. Next, indicate if this is a one-time payment, or a recurring payment. If you choose recurring payments, you can designate how frequently you would like this payment to be made.

Then, look for the dropdown menu titled “Fund.” From this menu, choose 2020 Pledge Campaign. This will ensure that your payment will be counted toward your 2020 pledge.

Because the church is closed indefinitely because of the pandemic, we encourage all members to submit their pledge payments electronically. This reduces the need for staff to come to the church to receive and deposit paper checks. Of course, we will gratefully accept your checks if this is your only option, or your preferred option. Please make your checks payable to Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, write “Pledge Campaign” in the memo line, and mail to the business bffice at 7 W. 55th St., New York, NY 10019.