Advocacy + Outreach · July 18, 2019

A Prayer for Those Held at Our Border

This week the Rev. Kate Dunn and approximately 20 members of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church attended an Interfaith Prayer Vigil for Migrant Detainees, co-hosted by Central Synagogue and the Church of the Heavenly Rest. Participants were asked to pray for 40 days, using the prayer below. We invite you to join us in this time of prayer.

Eternal God, who hears the cries of the afflicted: Open our ears and our hearts to the cries of our sisters and brothers who seek refuge among us. Allow your love and compassion to flow through us, so that we may comfort and sustain them in this time of trial.

Kindle the fire of justice in our hearts, O God. Show us how to shine a light into the darkness, and give us the courage not to turn our eyes from the truth. Grant us the strength to pursue justice and let us not yield until those who are suffering are redeemed.

In this darkest hour, O God, let those who are without shelter, those who are living in fear and uncertainty, those who have been and are now experiencing injustice and oppression find comfort in your presence.

Protect your children in the power of your goodness, and guide us to right and faithful action on their behalf.

We pray humbly; we pray expectantly.