Announcing a Change in our Congregational Care Staff

Dec. 16, 2022

Kristia Tolode, coordinator for Congregational Care for the past two years, departs the Fifth Avenue staff today to take a position with the Jed Foundation, a New York-based nonprofit organization dedicated to emotional health and suicide prevention among teens and young adults.

One of our most important congregation-facing roles, the Congregational Care coordinator is often the first point of contact for members in need of pastoral support.

“Kristia showed an incredible amount of compassion and care to many members in challenging times,” says the Rev. Werner Ramirez, associate pastor for Congregational Care and Family Ministries. “She developed close relationships with our Deacons and was such a joy to be around. But we are excited for her future and her next adventure.”

Lisauri Marizan, who joined the staff in October as an administrative assistant for Communications & Development and Outreach Ministries, succeeds Kristia, effective Monday, Dec. 19. Lisauri has assumed a key role in helping to manage the 2023 Pledge Campaign and provided valuable assistance to clients (particularly our Spanish-speaking clients) of the Ecumenical Outreach Partnership.

“We have seen how effectively Lisauri has interacted with our Outreach clients and staff in her brief time at Fifth Avenue,” Werner says. “We are excited to give her this opportunity to extend her skills to the rest of the congregation.”

Please join us in welcoming Lisauri to her new role and in thanking Kristia for her exceptional service to the church.

Kristia (seated) with Lisauri