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2021 Update: Livestreaming Announcement

February Update: Livestreaming Task Force

The Livestreaming Task Force and the Property Committee want to provide the Fifth Avenue community with an update on our livestreaming project.  We are happy to report that the electrical contractor completed all the necessary wiring in January. This has allowed, All Mobile Video, our livestreaming vendor, to begin installing the cameras, mics, TV screens and control room equipment throughout the church and church house. They expect to complete this work by April.

While working on a design to allow the installation of lights in the dome of the sanctuary, our long-time architect Jonathan Raible and the wood contractor observed there had been some movement of the structural support system of the sanctuary attic.  Jonathan reached out to ETNA, a structural engineering firm familiar with Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church.
ETNA performed an investigation of the observed movement and their report states in part, “Inspection of the above-described structural elements did not reveal any signs of distress or damage having occurred as a result of the observed movement.”  This was very good news!  However, they did recommend that repairs consisting of the instillation of new wood framing, hangers and wood connectors be undertaken.  The next step is for ETNA to prepare drawings and specifications for the repairs.  They will prioritize the east end of the attic in their plans, so that work on the lighting may resume.

Shared Bob Henn, “With any project you need to expect the unexpected.  However, we are indeed fortunate to have consummate professionals like Jonathan Raible and the wood contractor who carefully observe the environment before moving forward with any work.  As a result we are well positioned to address this challenge and ensure the future integrity of our sanctuary.”   

Winter Update: Livestreaming Task Force

The Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church Livestreaming Task Force is happy to report that the scaffolding in the sanctuary balcony was installed the week of 10/26. This will provide access for the restoration professionals to create openings in the ceiling for the lights and to construct the doors which will hide the lights when not in use.

Chair Bob Henn shares that there were initial delays in coordinating the electrical schematics between the livestreaming contractor AMV (All Mobile Video) and our electrician. The issues have been resolved and the electrician will now begin the wiring this week. It also is expected to take four weeks. Once the wiring is complete, AMV will be able to begin installing the cameras, mics and control room equipment.

Behind the scenes, Derek has worked with AMV and our internet provider to identify the upgrades needed to support livestreaming and those upgrades will be made simultaneously with the other live-streaming work.

We look forward to providing further updates as the project progresses.

September Update

In late September, representatives from All Mobile Video (AMV) and our electrical contractor met at FAPC to review the wiring necessary to install the live-streaming equipment. The task force expects the electrician to complete his work in October, and AMV will install the cameras, mics, screens and control room components in November.

Livestreaming Task Force Chair Bob Henn says the biggest challenge has been deciding how to install lighting in the sanctuary while preserving the aesthetic of our beautiful church. After considering several options, the church architect, Jonathan Raible, proposed what the task force believes is an elegant solution. The lights will be installed in the ceiling behind doors which will open only when the lights are in use. When closed, these doors will be virtually invisible. This part of the project will require the erection of scaffolding and the meticulous work of wood craftsmen. It is expected all work will be completed in December.

August Update: The Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church Livestreaming Task Force

“The Task force is happy to announce that after multiple meetings, interviews and discussions with four companies they have selected All Mobile Video (AMV) to install the livestreaming system at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church,” shares Bob Henn, chair of the Task Force. “Decisions have been made on cameras, microphones and numerous other components, and a contract has been signed.”

The Livestreaming Task Force is still working with AMV on lighting for the Sanctuary and expects decisions and a separate contract on that aspect of the project to be finalized within the next few weeks. Task Force members believe AMV will install a system that will provide high quality Livestreams of church services, choir concerts and other events occurring in the Sanctuary and Chapel. 

There will also be a mobile unit to record (not Livestream) educational and similar events taking place in other church venues, such as the Corning-Logan Room. Additionally, Livestreams and other media will be viewable from retractable screens in Bonnell Hall and Jones Auditorium, a portable screen in the Chapel and a permanent screen in the CEC. An installation date for Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church has not yet been set.

Look for more updates from the Task Force in the fall season. 

June 29th, 2020 Livestream Announcement

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church plans to continue offering virtual worship even when public worship resumes in the Sanctuary. At a June 25th, 2020 Board of Trustees meeting, a proposal was approved to equip the church with Livestreaming technology for a projected 2020 installation.

“This strategic initiative will allow us to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with new friends and to continue an option that our current members have repeatedly asked us to provide. It will also allow us to share our musical concerts, memorial services and other sacred moments with friends across the globe,” says Senior Pastor, Scott Black Johnston.

Livestreaming technology is the ability to broadcast a “live” worship service while also archiving these videos and making them available for on demand viewing. Weddings and memorial services could be livestreamed on request. Concerts could also be presented via livestream and education events available on demand.

In March, a Livestreaming Task Force was formed in response to congregational requests and charged to create a plan making Livestreaming possible from both the Sanctuary and Kirkland Chapel. The proposal also includes video capability in Bonnell Hall and Jones Auditorium. The Livestreaming Task Force has been led by former trustee Bob Henn who so capably led the church’s 2016 brownstone renovation. This Task Force has evaluated multiple vendor bids and engineering reports, all of which preserve the historic architecture of the building. The final plan will be developed by mid-summer and implementation will then begin

Shares Bob Henn, “This is the perfect time to install Livestreaming capabilities at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, and offer our community and others the opportunity to participate remotely in church events.”

The 2020 Board of Trustees unanimously affirmed the Task Force’s proposal and asked that the Development Committee immediately begin to develop a plan for soliciting funds for the project.