Stories of These Times · March 19, 2020

Church Family Ties

"You really should quarantine her for two weeks!"

Our 20-year-old daughter, Alex, was studying abroad this semester in Copenhagen. She traveled to Amsterdam, Paris, Spain, Sweden… you name it, she went.

When the coronavirus hit we were quickly faced with:

We have to get her home.

Program canceled!

“You really should quarantine her for two weeks!”

We were able to get her home early Tuesday morning and got a hotel room for her for a few days. As we were trying to figure out our next steps, I received a private message through Instagram from an FAPC sister in Christ.

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Holland and I served as Deacons together years ago. We are friendly, but really just know each at church. She reached out and said she’s with family out of the city, because her company has closed for now.

She has offered her apartment to Alex! We are so relieved and grateful. It was creepy having Alex stay alone at an NYC hotel. Now she can have a full, two-week quarantine at a church family member’s apartment. Greg, Christopher, Jean and I will not be at risk, and Alex will be right up the street in a secure home.

We are so blessed and grateful for our church family.

Alex with her host mom in Copenhagen.