Worship · February 13, 2024

Lent & Easter

Join us for 40 days of contemplation, prayer, and preparation for Holy Week and Easter.

Life can be tough.
Brutal even.

No one escapes without scrapes and bruises. These truths about human existence highlight the importance of a keyspiritual capacity: resilience.

To adapt to life’s challenges and live life to its fullest, our souls must learn resilience.

What is resilience? Where does it come from? How can moments of adversity become, not debilitating experiences, but opportunities for growth?

Throughout the season of Lent, Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church will explore these critical questions. We are going to plunge into stories from our tradition in which people of faith encounter tremendous difficulties, grief and misfortune—so much trouble they are tempted to throw in the towel. Instead, these folk find (in their communities and their connection to God) the strength to bounce back.

This Lent we go in search of faith’s spiritual bounce.

Join us. Bring your scrapes. Bring your frustrations. Being a friend who craves bread for the journey. In this rough and tumble world, who isn’t looking to wrap their hearts in stories of resilience?

Join us for Worship during Holy Week

  • The Resilient Crowd

    Palm Sunday | March 24

    Matthew 21:1–11 | The Rev. Dr. Scott Black Johnston


  • The Resilient Servant

    Maundy Thursday | March 28

    John 13:1-15 | The Rev. Natalie Owens-Pike

    6:30 pm EST | Sanctuary & Livestream


  • The Passion

    Good Friday | March 29

    12–3 pm EST | Sanctuary & Livestream

    Join us for a contemplative service that features a chanted version of St. Luke’s passion story, and seven meditative steps toward the cross—each of these steps includes prayer, a hymn, choral music and a homily contemplating the powerful reversals that occur around Jesus on this holy and somber day.


  • The Life Resilient

    Easter | March 31

    Luke 24:1-12 | Scott Black Johnston

    9:30 am Sanctuary & 11:15 am EST Sanctuary & Livestream

    Join us for Easter worship services, featuring festive music for choir, organ and brass. Both services are in the Sanctuary. You are invited to bring flowers and help us flower Christ’s cross on Fifth Avenue.

  • Experience the Lenten Concert

    Renaissance Reflections: Music for Lent
    The Fifth Avenue Chamber Choir
    Ryan Jackson, director

    March 22 • 7 pm, Sanctuary and Livestream
    The Fifth Avenue Chamber Choir performs highlights from the Renaissance era. At the heart of the program is the Mass for Four Voices by William Byrd, one of the period’s greatest masterpieces. Composed during the religious turmoil of Elizabethan England, the Mass showcases Byrd’s ability to express spiritual convictions through delicate strands of polyphony and evocative harmonies.

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