Advocacy + Outreach · October 20, 2020

Meals on Heels: The Past, Present & Future

The Past

In 1986, three Deacons learned that the Meals on Wheels program only operated weekdays. “What about the weekend and is there something we can do to help our homebound senior citizens?” we wondered. The answer was clear: start a Saturday meal preparation and delivery service at FAPC!

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The Present

Now renamed Meals on Heels, the program has grown to serve more than 50 people each week. Josie Lawrence and I coordinate a core group of dedicated volunteers who come together every Saturday to shop, organize and prepare what has become a restaurant-quality meal. The program is self-funded through donations and an annual fundraiser.

When the Covid-19 public health challenge began, the future of Meals on Heels was uncertain. Our FAPC clergy recognized the need to continue the program and urged us to explore new solutions, including:

  • Volunteers are required to sign up in advance.
  • Volunteers must wear a mask before entering the room, wash their hands and wear disposable gloves before starting to work.
  • Deliverers are greeted in the 55th Street lobby by a Coordinator where they sign in and receive their delivery assignments.

Can You Volunteer? We need delivery volunteers. The time commitment is small. MOH Deliverers check in at 11 am and are usually finished by 1 pm. Join us! Email John Wyatt at [email protected].

John Wyatt

The Future

Because we cannot predict the future, we remain focused on the present. Doing so will ensure the continuation of this vital outreach ministry.