History · November 1, 2018

New Exhibit Celebrates Remarkable Women from Fifth Avenue History

A social reformer. An advocate for people living on the streets. A prominent philanthropist. A household slave. These are among the women who stand out most prominently in the 210-year-history of this congregration. This fall, they are getting their due.

Fifteen Remarkable Women, a historical exhibit sponsored by the Arts & Our Faith Committee, debuts in the Chesnut Gallery on Sept. 2. The exhibit draws its inspiration from a feature titled “Overlooked” that launched in the New York Times in March. “Since 1851, [our] obituaries have been dominated by white men,” the Times wrote. “Now, we’re adding the stories of other remarkable people,” beginning with 15 women.

A search of the church archives, a review of the various histories that have been written about the church, and conversations with long-time members and staff yielded a diverse list of women. Some are most remembered for their contributions to Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church; others were active in the church and led notable careers outside of it.