Stories of These Times · March 18, 2020

Seeing the Face of God

Where did you see God's face today?

Years ago Aram Bae (our former director of Family Ministries) led a meaningful discussion at Family Camp. She was asking the kids where they saw God’s face. Some said he was the voice in the little bird chirping, while others said, “I don’t see him, but I hear his voice in the leaves of the trees.” 

Aram’s message to look for God has really stuck with me. No matter our circumstance, it is our gift as followers to look for him.

Today, in the midst of the coronavirus and leaving our apartment, I read a note near our mailbox from another resident. Jacob was offering to share what he had due to the low supply at the grocery store. 

A note about toilet paper is not the first place I thought I’d see God’s face, but I certainly did see it. What an opportunity we have to be his light today.

God, thank you for answering our prayer to be present with us in this dark time. Help us to be inspired to give what we have and to look for your face every day. Amen.