The Blessings of the On Ramp

"Great is thy faithfulness."

So after a quick Google search to get into the meaning of those words, I found this statement: “God remains faithful day in and day out, in the largest and smallest of circumstances.”

It was God’s faithfulness in me that has me feeling extremely blessed today, and this week in particular. You see it was 21 years to this day that I walked into the church after my move from Texas to New York. And very quickly my “on ramp” into Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church was the young adult group, the 20s and 30s.

Now, 21 years, you can do the math and know that I am not allowed in that group anymore! But it was this community that provided me, virtually immediately, with the beginning of my roots in New York. It was through my experience with the 20s and 30s that my “stickiness” with the church developed. It was in this community where I met my first roommate, and where I met my best friends.

Over the years, as I have been part of other ministries in this church, I have developed a multi-generational group of friends that has rejuvenated me, restored me at times, and become part of my family. The 20s and 30s group led by Werner today is still a vibrant community and a vital ministry in a city such as ours. 

What was your on ramp to this church? Whether it was the Women’s Association or our homeless ministry or our support of world mission, all of these ministries depend upon your time, talents and tender.

Maybe your on ramp was just this location itself. Our forefathers and foremothers choosing this site, out in the sticks in 1875. We are now nearly 150 years in this building, and you think about all the upkeep this church has required so that each of us could have the experiences we have been blessed with.

Through Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, I have experienced the faithfulness of God. By pledging to this church, I show my faithfulness in return. Please support the church by prayerfully and faithfully considering your pledge for 2020.

Thank you for your faithfulness to this great church.

Chad Stubbs has been a member of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church since 1999. He shared this testimony during worship on Sunday, Oct. 27. Learn more about how you can support the 2020 Pledge Campaign: Great Is Thy Faithfulness.