The Fall Sermon Series Invites You to ‘Curate Your Heart’

Whatever your heart clings to and confides in, that is really your god. – Martin Luther

Consider this most basic of questions: “What are you?”

Any number of famous people have taken a crack at answering it.

What are you?

Christianity offers a bracing answer. In the words of the theologian James K.A. Smith, “You are what you love.” The things tugging at your heart—your deepest desires—make up the core of your being. The things you love—really, really love—shape your decisions, your ethics and your relationships.

The Bible gets this. It reminds us, over and over: God is after your heart.

So is everyone else. 

This fall our sermon series examines the human heart. We are going to examine the various forces vying for a slice of your ticker. We are going to push back, too. We are going to strategize about how to resist the unsavory powers that want to set up residence in your heart.

Why? Because the Holy One wants you to curate your heart. God doesn’t want you to sit idly by, letting foolish and destructive things move in. God wants you to spend your precious hours—your precious life—learning to love good stuff!

We launch this 12-week series on Homecoming Sunday, Sept. 8, and conclude on Christ the King Sunday, Nov. 24. Along the way, we practice learning to love God, to love Jesus, to love mercy and truth, to love our neighbors and our enemies, to love ourselves. You’ll find all the details on our worship calendar.

See you in worship, my friends.