Family Ministries

For Parents

No one has a stronger influence on children's faith than their parents. We bring dads and moms together to explore how to raise faithful families in New York City.

With the church closed due to the pandemic, our Parents Community Group is meeting on Sunday mornings on Zoom. To join in, contact us at [email protected].

Parents Community Group is open to all parents of young children who want to explore together how to raise our faithful, Christian families in New York City. While the children are in Sunday School, we come together to share our joys and challenges. You will find us Sunday mornings at 9:30 in the Christian Education Center or upstairs in one of the meeting rooms. Grab a chair and enjoy the lively discussion!

Mom’s Bible Study was created specifically for expectant moms and mothers of newborns, toddlers and school-age children. This small group Bible study meets on Monday mornings in a member’s home. This monthly fellowship is your time to share concerns, worries and laughter, and to discuss the meaning of Scripture as it applies to your life and the life of your family. Children are always welcome to come along. Read more and sign up for this community group here.

Mom’s Night Out & Dad’s Night Out offers time for adult fellowship and fun over dinner and drinks. Get a sitter and join us. Your soul will thank you!